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  1. Troy

    [CS] Banlist Troy

    Nick: TU MAMA EN TANGA Ip: Motiv: speedhack Dovada: banned before he kill everyone (i am faster than his hack :))) ) (sorry no proof but 100/100 speedhack... speed hack does Not need proof i guess) Data, ora: 26/1/19 - 9:20 Alte precizari: cheatengine speed hack
  2. Nick: (1)<<<blackghost>>> Ip: Motiv: wallhack+aim Dovada: STAFF ONLINE = 5 (all was going to ban him) Data, ora: 23/1/19 Alte precizari: -
  3. Troy

    Cerere Tag Troy

    Nick: Troy Steam : STEAM_0:1:184536387 Ore : Tag : Mr. Wood >>> the normal green tag thx in advance.
  4. Name : Joe Tester Nick : Troy Age : 19 Hours on server : forget it :P gametracker says i have 50 mins but i played this server for long time Yes i read the rules steam : On Teamspeak : [Troy] you know me :p Experienta in amx/cvar: played counter strike for 12 years My info : you know who i am the funny guy who speaks english but swears in romanian lmao ( i will not swear if i get admin ) Position wanted : does not matter but , i need access to amx_ban and amx_last and amx_ss minimum Love you guys , Troy.

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