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  1. Reaperz

    [GODLIKE]-Cerere Admin *t3apa*

    Cerere acceptata ai o saptamana de proba!!
  2. Reaperz


    Cerere acceptata
  3. Reaperz

    [CS] Cerere slot -Queen-

    PRO !
  4. Reaperz

    Cerere Admin [Troy]

    PRO. nice player!!!
  5. Reaperz

    Cerere Designer

    Cerere acceptata
  6. Reaperz

    cerere admin adr

    Cerere acceptata!
  7. Reaperz

    Cerere TAG

    Cerere acceptata
  8. Reaperz

    cerere grad adr

    Cerere Acceptata!
  9. Reaperz

    Cerere TAG

    Cerere acceptata!
  10. Reaperz


    Team1 - BOMBARDIERI 9-16 NICE!
  11. Reaperz

    Reclamatie admin S1sTeMorT

    OK ,o sa luam masuri privind accest abuz!! T/C
  12. Reaperz


    28/11/2018 Biome: -Fixed boost with visibility glitch on A long. -Added more crates at B boost. -Widened mid. -CT side of mid now splits into upper and lower. -Redesigned connector at top of mid – now “vent”. -Opened a window above mid, allowing nades. -Lowered skybox and added visual cues for nading. -Removed path between T spawn and catwalk. -Cut the sightline between A short and outside. -New crate on B allows jumping from site to heaven. -Fixed various minor bugs. Subzero: -Redesigned A Connector. -Removed Door on B which mostly benefited T’s. -Removed crates in A Pit which mostly benefited T’s. -Fixed water in spawns eating guns.
  13. Reaperz

    Prezentare Raluu

    Bine ai venit la noi in comunitate iti dorim o sedere placuta ! :*
  14. Reaperz


    Team1 - 1G 16-0 Team1 - KINGS 16-3 Felicitari!

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